What is good education?

First approach defines good education as providing good knowledge for good students

Teachers and scientists go this way


Second approach defines real economy systems both national and international

and describe tasks needed at real workplace

Competence means your success at the tasks given

Good education provides such competences for real workplaces

Buisness elite goes this way


Third approach considers separately knoledge

as what can be taught and learned

and abilities that is result of genes and early development

The same way

Every task has demands for knowledge AND demands for ability

We will go this way

Optimal education

  1. Examine abilities of the student and get the card of person
  2. Compare workplaces' cards of tasks with the card of the person and choose the best job for the person
  3. Find knowledge neeeded for the job choosen
  4. Find the road from knowledge the student has today to knowledge needed
  5. Follow the road and monitor the motion