Jacob Feldman (in Russian)

1957: born in Odessa, Ukraine, USSR

1978: graduated at applied math and computer sciences (MSc)

1989: first lecture on HBT-subject

2005: first book on HBT-subject

2015: first MOOC on HBT-subject

Why do we need a Human Being Theory?

When you are ready - divide all these problem into two parts: A and B
If the problem does not depend on human being - or the dependence is negligible - put the problem into group A
If the problem depends on human being essentially - put the problem into group B
To solve problems of group A we have Science - at least since 1609 - the year Galileo pointed his optical tube to the Moon
Different branches of Science cooperate now.
And the closely they cooperate the more results we get from Science
Contrariwise people solving problems of group B do not cooperate at all.
They do not have common language to speak - not because it is difficult to make - but - because they do not want coopearate
I call them "old-school specialists"
And I don't want to discuss WHY they don't want cooperate. It is not the point.
The point is that
  • I do need the language
  • I have made it
  • And I deliver it here and now
Take it, use it, enjoy it.
I call this laguage Human Being Theory or HBT. HBT gives you tools
  • To understand the world around you
  • To solve your everyday problems
  • To evaluate all ideas about B-problems from "old-school specialists" better than they do

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