Jacob Feldman (in Russian)

2017-now: s-cool-project, leader (now in Russian)

2015-now: AbiTask.com project, leader (now in Russian)

2011-now: private teacher (Saint-Petersburg)

2009-2011: teacher of math and computers in public school (Saint-Petersburg)

2001-2009: IT-specialist

2001-2016: back in Russia

1999-2001: working in USA as IT-specialist

1992-1999: new repatriant in Israel, IT-specialist

1989-1992: principal of private school (Moscow)

1987-1989: teacher of math and computers in public school (Moscow)

1978-1987: IT-specialist (Moscow)

1978: graduated in Moscow State University (by name of Lomonosov) as MSc in Applied Math and Comuter Sciences

1957: Born in Odessa, Ukraine, USSR

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email: jfeldman777@gmail.com

phone in Russia: +7 951 674 6481

Skype: jfeldman77


In the XX century a young person went to University first. Only after that he/she started to think about real job place

Now you can get all kinds of certificates from all universities of the world

The question is: what kinds of education you really need?

Think about you real job first. How can you choose the best job for you?

There are many "models of human personality

Some of them suggest that skills could be separated from abilities

Education could improve your skills but not abilities

The project (online-service) help you

  1. identify your abilities
  2. find job that fits to these abilities
  3. identify skills needed for this job
  4. identify education to get these skills
  5. get this education
  6. get this job
  7. be happy, work effectively